In 2006, TFC Circuit Co.,Ltd. was founded in Changzhou city(China), which is about one hour from international city Shanghai by high speed train. TFC mainly focus on two business: one is thick film circuit division–focus on thick film circuit design and manufacturing; the other is advanced PCB material division–focus on high frequency laminate and PCB R&D and production.

Regarding the thick film circuit division, with international first class production and testing equipment imported from USA as well as the excellent technicians we can satisfy customer’s thick film circuit need in different applications like automobile sensor, communication sensor and many other. All our thick film circuit products are customized, we make circuit based on ceramic substrate.

Regarding the advanced PCB material division, we supply substitute material for global famous high frequency PCB material brand like Arlon, Rogers, Taconic. Our laminate and PCB are widely used in microwave and RF printed circuit and related applications in Aerospace & Defense, Wireless & Wireline (digital) Infrastructure, Automotive Radar Sensor, Satellite TV, and Mobile Internet Device. If customer need Rogers or Taconic laminate material, we also have very good source to supply the laminate or finished PCB.

We can manufacture 2 million pcs thick film circuits and 1 million sheets high frequency laminate every year. We supply high frequency laminate and PCB to world-class customer like COMMSCOPE, HUAWEI, Rosenberg and many other. We hope we will be able to serve more customers in the future and looking forward to cooperating with your company.


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