Our Material

TFC’s Advanced PCB Material Division is professional in high frequency dielectrics, laminates, plastic compound, substrate and PCB used in microwave and RF printed circuit.

Many of our customers come to us because we supply high frequency material to big PCB manufacturing factories home and abroad, our products can replace global famous high frequency material brand like Arlon, Rogers, Taconic, Premix etc.. With our material advantages, we have PCB manufacturing plant, we can also supply high frequency solutions based on different brand material like Arlon, Rogers, Taconic etc..We have very good source for Rogers and Taconic PCB laminate material.

Recently, our substitute material for Rogers/Arlon TC350 have been verified by Chinese telecom giant Huawei, several European customers are also purchasing this material from us. Our advantages are high quality(performance equivalent to TC350), competitive price(60%-80% price of TC350), faster delivery(normal lead time is only 2 weeks).For more our laminate information please click the linkage under this page.

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